11 steps to Full-Body Foam Roller Routine!

1. Quads
2. IT Band
3. TFL
4. Inner Thigh
5. Piriformis
6. Hamstrings
7. Calves
8. Shins
9. Upper Back
10. Lats
11. Triceps

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Koosje Kosters is London’s expert in post natal back pain solutions!

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Koosje has been involved in the private practitioner world as an osteopath, physiotherapist, paediatric osteopath and acupuncturist for over a decade. Every day, she helps people like you out of pain and start feeling great now! Koosje travels all over the world to teach and has successfully helped thousands of clients everywhere from Canada to Japan. Koosje is the founder of Post Natal Back Solutions, the place where mums turn to get postpartum back pain relief. Focused on permanent solutions, Koosje’s unique 3 step system aims to resolve the root cause of your problem so we get you out of pain and into your dream life!

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