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Moe S Dr. M. S:

Simply put, Koosje is a professional. She has a very holistic approach and takes the time to listen and understand the needs (and goals) of her patients. I highly recommend anyone in need of physiotherapy book a session with Koosje to see what I mean. If you’re like me, you will find that in addition to noticing an improvement in your physical ailment, you will also improve as a person.

Ellemieke Van Laere Ellemieke V:

I went to see Koosje with my twin babies for cranial osteopathy. One son suffered from colic and the other son got quite stressed at bedtime, for no clear reason. Koosje did an amazing job. She showed me exercises I could do at home to improve the colics and to relax their muscles. The results came pretty much instantly and I can say that both are doing so much better now!

Joseph Gale Joseph G:

I first saw Koosje after tearing my ankle ligament in a XC race. Not only did she provide first class advice on rehabilitation (massage and a strengthening exercises) but helped me to deal with the psychological impact of the injury so close to my target event of the marathon. Her support helped me to get back to fitness and still manage to achieve a PB time of 2hr 48min!

Since then I have had an operation on my shoulder and Koosje has again provided top rate support in helping me to recover at a faster than expected rate.

Her support goes beyond physical rehabilitation; our conversations have genuinely helped me to shape my thinking about many aspects of my life.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Louise Childs Louise C:

I visited Koosje with lower back pain that occured when walking, driving and sitting at work. Her calm and positive approach made me feel instantly at ease. After a few sessions of treatment and some suggested very small lifestyle changes, the results were absolutey fantastic. I cannot thank her enough. Not only is she great at what she does – she’s also super professional and friendly too. Thank you Koosje! 🙂

PCM Hilhorst P. H:

Koosje is a very gifted therapist, and she is constantly training others (and therefore herself) by travelling everywhere in the world for the hichibuku art of healing… i hope i say it right…. She is a lovely person and a great healer!

Liesbeth BabanLiesbeth B:

Both my baby and I suffered from stresses in our bodies after a very difficult birth. Thank god I found Koosje! She helped my baby feel much better in herself and after only a couple appointments my back feels so much better.

anastasia clerissi-chilotti

Anastasia C.

Koosje is a really talented thérapeute! Very kind, soft, empath! It is a pleasure to pass through her experienced hands ! If you need an osteopath go see her !! 🙂

Alexandra Jenkins:

Koosje is a brilliant professional Osteopath and Physio. I had been in a car accident and in pain for over a year, until I saw her, she has literally put me and my life back together again! She found the source of the pain (that GPs had only prescribed pain killers for), manipulated my body back into position and rehabilitated me. Words cannot say how grateful I am for her work!

Raphaël L:

Koosje is very proficient and empathic. Her professionalism is only matched by her kindness. I am always impressed by her ability to make people feel comfortable, everyone leaves her place feeling greater than before.

George D:

I have found Koosje Kosters to be very caring, professional, and highly skilled in her work. I have observed her providing treatment and care to others as well as receiving that care and treatment myself. I have recommended her to others for their care and would do so again without hesitation.

Darren S:

I lived in constant debilitating pain for 9 months following a neck injury and was taking pain killers daily. From my first session Koosje had a massive positive impact and has since taught me how to manage my pain through exercise and stretching. I haven’t taken painkillers for 4 months. She has a wonderful, friendly, professional personality and I am truly grateful for everything she has done for me.

Elizabeth A:

I’ve been seeing Koosje to help treat my piriformis syndrome which I’ve been suffering with for a year but never diagnosed. I can honestly say I can’t see myself seeing anyone else! Koosje is amazing. Her approach is totally holistic and I always feel calm and at ease in her presence. As well as being professional, Koosje has such warmth about her that I find refreshing and reassuring. She’s helped me in more ways than she knows just by being an attentive and skilled professional. The knowledge and advice she shares with me for my symptoms have been fantastic and I know I’m in safe hands and on track with my recovery. I would recommend Koosje in a heartbeat and I always look forward to our sessions!

Aris A:

Koosje has been my physiotherapist for about 5 years now. She is very good and knowledgable in her profession. Very friendly, helpful and professional. Her Magic hands are my comfort whenever I get back, neck pains or any muscle pains. Highly recommended!!

Daniel Schreiber

Koosje is as skilled a physical therapist as I’ve ever met and has an excellent intuition when it comes to the needs of her patients. Whatever your state of health, she can help you in your healing and recovery.

Melissa Kroezen

She needed less than 10 minutes to loosen my back a bit and it felt a lot better after that..
A physiotherapist and a view masseurs here in the Netherlands did not come so …

Emily Poel

I warmly recommend Koosje! Her clear and calm energy make her great to work with on all sorts of things. I feel better after every meeting with her.

David Heslington

As a fellow health care practitioner, I have no hesitation in recommending potential clients to Koosje for treatment.
Her knowledge of both Osteopathic and Physiotherapy techniques & treatments make her one of the foremost practitioners in the central and greater London area.


a month ago
As a fellow physiotherapist who has known Koosje for years, I can say Koosje is one of the most dedicated and studious physios I know. Cutting edge evidence based physio extraordinaire!


asuka m

a month ago
Really friendly atmosphere. she is so nice and cares about taking time for explanation of her opinions and answering my questions, so I could feel relaxed and have sense of trust during the treatment.

D Livingstone

a month ago
Koosje has a great energy about her. This and her experience makes her a very proficient practitioner. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Sharon beckwith

a month ago
Koosje is incredibly well qualified and experienced. She is interested in everyone and everything and clearly brings the many perspectives she has gained from different people and settings into her work.

Panna Rose

a month ago
Koosje is always polite, helpful and definitely knows the body. She is helping me sort out my back post a car accident. I have complete trust in her and her methods and even though not pleasant, always a pleasure to see her.

Janneke Ongering

a month ago
Koosje, where do I start. She is a kindhearted top notch specialist. One of a kind. <3

Anne-Christine Spite

a month ago
I have been lucky to be meet Koosje and her kindness and delicacy support and enhance her talent, knowledge and skills to relieve, aliviate and cure.
In my case it was a post traumatic peri ostitis.

Alexandru Negrea

a month ago
I highly recommend the place and the amazing practitioner here to anyone that values their health. If you are looking for an excellent specialist you could not do better.

Kirsten Irving

a month ago
Koosje’s friendly, patient personality immediately puts you at ease. A really holistic, knowledgeable practitioner who understands the way the body works.

rosanna doey

a month ago
Koosje was amazing she helped me out so much after my baby was born. She also helped my son through a really bad stage of Colic. Highly recommend

Fred Hamel

a month ago
I often met Koosje during Ninjutsu or Ostheopaty training.
She really knows how to deal with a back using gentle technics such as massage, anma or posture. Besides she is a very happy person, always smiling and very kind with children.

Rich Jones

a month ago
Koosje did wonders for my wife with her pain as she was suffering with her cancer. She has also fixed my martial arts injuries up a lot ! Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Paul Fisher

a month ago
Koosje Kosters has all the qualities you look for in an exceptionally talented medical professional. She is highly intelligent, compassionate, patient and has a remarkable attention to detail.

Kaj Beetstra

a month ago
Koosje is really one of the nicest persons I’ve met. Can recommend meeting her for everyone 🙂


Jeroen Hoekstra

(Translated by Google) Lazarus is a nice, capable and gentle person.More

Hannah English

Koosje is the best. 🙂

Response from the owner

Thank you Hannah!

Piet Langeveld

Koosje is amazing!

Soft Hanbo Ltd.

She gave me excellent instrutions how to ease my back pain.

Mehmet Bozan

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